7 Effective Lead Generation Strategies

7 Effective Lead Generation Strategies

Our very competitive world has made it such that there are hardly any unique ideas. For every idea you have, there are brands that are already executing it. What this means for you as a brand owner is that you have to go the extra mile to incorporate creative marketing ideas to attract customers. To do this, first, you need to generate leads. And, to generate great leads in an effective and efficient manner, you need a good lead generation strategy.

Lead generation is a very important aspect of marketing for businesses looking to grow. Getting more leads means your brand awareness is on the increase, and interest in your business offerings is growing. If your lead generation strategy is well executed, you will be able to create strong relationships with prospects who will turn into returning customers.

Lead Generation Strategies You Can Implement In Your Business

Now let us discuss the specific ways you can improve your lead generation and consequently grow your business. We have put together for you seven effective strategies you can use to generate leads for your business.

#1 Offer a Freemium Product or Free Trial

It is a fact that most people like free things. You can take advantage of this by offering a free (but limited) version of your product or service, or a free trial period. This helps to attract interested prospects who haven’t made up their minds on making a purchase. After they have signed up for your free offer, it becomes easier to transform them into paying customers. You can do this by giving them a taste of paid features and letting them know what they stand to gain if they upgrade to a paid subscription.

#2 Leverage Live Chat Conversations

Live chat is a lead generation strategy that invites communication. It has become almost a requirement for all business websites today, making it a new norm for consumer interaction with brands. It is the easiest and fastest way for prospects to get the information that they require about your brand. With the live chat feature, you can capture visitors’ contact information through lead capture forms, and move them into your sales funnel.

In addition, adding the live chat feature to your business website affords you the opportunity to interact in real-time with visitors to your site. This helps you increase their interest in your brand and sends the message that you prioritize customer satisfaction above all else.

#3 Host a Webinar or Event

Hosting events is another effective way to generate leads. Whether they are in-person or virtual, events can help you nurture organic connections with prospects. Webinars can help to attract people who wish to learn new information or get more knowledge in a particular field. If your product or service offering is within that field, these types of events will help you gently nudge audiences toward it. As a perk, you can offer a discount to attendees that which to make purchases.

#4 Leverage Email Marketing

Employ email marketing best practices to generate leads. There are email marketing services available to help manage and send automated email campaigns for when visitors perform specific actions on your website. For example, when a visitor submits their contact information through a form on your website, an automated email can help to follow up immediately with useful information about your product or service. You may send them an exclusive free guide or offer them a free invite to your upcoming webinar. Remember to make your email content catchy, and use tempting CTAs that cannot be ignored.

#5 Make Your Lead Magnet Obvious on Your Website

There is no point in having a lead magnet on your website if visitors cannot easily find it. Have designs on your website that help to segment your audience and direct them towards the lead magnets that target their specific needs and interests. You can use blog posts and specific pages to promote applicable lead magnets, and you can also highlight a lead magnet as the primary CTA on your homepage.

#6 Work With A Complementary Business

While a competitor is a business that offers products or services that could serve as an alternative to yours, a complementary business deals in products or services that work hand-in-hand with yours. For example, if you are a manufacturer or seller of video game DVDs, a complementary business to yours would be a manufacturer or seller of video game consoles. 

Partnering with a complementary business is often very lucrative when it comes to lead generation, as it often means higher marketability — think video game DVDs and video game consoles. You can make arrangements to partner with the video game console seller to offer your video games at a discounted price to customers upon purchase of their consoles. What this means is that their leads become your leads, and their customers become your customers.

#7 Create A Referral Program

Referral programs are very popular and effective ways of gaining new customers. It is a form of reward system where an existing user gets rewarded for referring someone to use a service or buy a product, and the new user also gets a discount or other forms of promotional offers. This lead generation strategy often turns out to be quite effective because it features both a freebie and the credibility of a personal recommendation. 

Wrapping Up

Building a business to become successful takes time. Results from these lead generation strategies we have listed don’t just come overnight. Implementing them requires a significant amount of time and focus. Also, note that all of these strategies may not work for you. In fact, you may find that only one or two may work. The important thing to remember is that you have to evaluate each of these strategies in the context of your business, goals, industry, etc., and then figure out which is a perfect fit for you. The good news is that you do not have to worry about doing all these by yourself. Contact us today at Reas Marketing to get started on crafting excellent lead generation strategies for your brand.

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