Benefits Of The Sharpspring Marketing Automation Platform

Benefits Of The Sharpspring Marketing Automation Platform

Stiff competition often comes with operating in the same industry with other businesses. This stems from the need to stand out as a brand, and become or remain the number one choice for customers. In addition to ensuring that your products or services are top-notch, the most effective way to outshine the competition is to implement a great marketing structure with solid oversight. 

However, executing marketing efforts without the proper tools can be time-consuming. An efficient way to circumvent this problem is by investing in a good marketing automation platform like SharpSpring. With SharpSpring marketing automation, you can improve your marketing efforts by getting more done in less time. 

SharpSpring Marketing Automation

SharpSpring offers lots of benefits to businesses through their comprehensive cloud-based automated marketing platform that features services like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Social Media Automation, Sales Team Automation, Email Automation, Landing pages, etc. For example, their Marketing Analytics service helps you to track the success of your marketing efforts, allowing you to monitor your RoI and optimize your campaigns. Another instance is the ease of use of its platforms. The SharpSpring CRM, for example, was built with the capability to integrate with any CRM platform in the market, allowing ease of migration and preservation of existing data.

Evidently, there are lots of benefits attached to using the SharpSpring Marketing Automation platform to optimize businesses’ marketing workflow. We have highlighted some of them below.

Benefits of SharpSpring Marketing Automation Platform

Optimize Lead Generation

The endgame of any marketing campaign is to generate leads, nurture the leads, and ultimately convert them to loyal customers. The implication of this is that the significance of lead generation in a marketing campaign cannot be overstated. SharpSpring recognizes this and has created its marketing automation platform to optimally drive lead generation and lead nurturing. It has the ability to serve valuable tailored content to prospects by using behavioral tracking methods. These methods are proven to efficiently help nurture leads by predicting the actions of consumers and what they are looking for.

Optimize Marketing Spend

In addition to optimizing lead generation, SharpSpring Marketing Automation goes a step further to provide marketers with in-depth reporting via a variety of metrics. This means you have access to definitive performance data to help justify your marketing spend, identify marketing efforts that need improvements, and further optimize the ones that are performing well. With this information at your disposal, you can easily adjust your spending to focus more on efforts that are producing results.

Sharpspring Automated Marketing can also help to reduce personnel costs for your business. It does the collective work of multiple marketing employees in a fraction of the time by consolidating many repetitive tasks into a single workflow. It saves a lot of resources on lead generation, email campaigns, and data collection.

Higher Efficiency

You get more done when you work smarter, not harder. With the SharpSpring marketing automation platform, you have all your marketing efforts consolidated in one location, enabling easy and efficient collaboration across your team. It also reduces the amount of human resources spent on redundant tasks, freeing up more time to devote to the development of strategies and creative ideas.

#Bonus: Reas Marketing’s SharpSpring Connector

The benefits of the SharpSpring Marketing Automation platform are immense, and we have only just mentioned a few. Complement these benefits with the efficacy of our Sharpspring Google Data Studio Connector

At Reas Marketing, we recognized the need for businesses to flexibly blend data, create complex dashboards, and automate their reporting. With Google Data Studio, this is possible. Hence, we built a connector to facilitate access to Sharpspring automated marketing data on Google Data Studio.

With our connector, you can get the necessary resources you need to make insightful decisions for your business. Get in touch with us, and let’s make that happen. We also provide Sharpspring Consulting services to help you get the best out of the Sharpspring Marketing Automation platform. 

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