Top 10 Email Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips To Grow Your Business

A blog about email marketing best practices to grow your business

Businesses thrive when they are able to connect with people and provide the motivation to buy the product or service they offer. A powerful way to do this is through email marketing. Email marketing affords you the opportunity to connect with customers wherever they are, build trust and relationships, convince them of the value of your product (or service) offering, and nudge them to take action.

All these can be achieved by leveraging a number of email marketing strategies towards growing your business and audience. We have provided ten email marketing tips below to get you started on the path to transforming your business.

Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

1. Get to know your audience

One of the most important prerequisites of email marketing is having a deep understanding of your target audience. Consider them as more than just a demographic group, and try to comprehensively understand these details about them:

  • What sets them apart from the rest of the population
  • Their preferred method and period of receiving correspondence
  • Any particular language (slangs, sayings, etc.) that is characteristic of them

2. Turn site visitors into customers

It is often the case that your website gets lots of visitors, but many of them end up leaving without any form of engagement. You can tackle this problem by featuring a registration or subscription form on your website, prompting visitors to sign up for promotional offers and valuable content. Through this means, you can build your organic email list, and nurture relationships with your prospective clients. This makes you their number one consideration whenever they are ready to make a purchase.

3. Welcome your new customers & prospects

The need to feel valued is an important part of human behavior. When you extend a warm welcome to a new customer or prospect, it makes them feel good and appreciated. Sending a welcome email is an effective way to achieve this. Such emails are great ways to make good first impressions, and they can be automated for new subscribers with a personalized message. The welcome email can include information about your business, the product or services you offer, or a discount offer for their first purchase. 

4. Quality over quantity (always)

When it comes to using email marketing as a digital communication tool, higher email frequency does not directly translate to more effectiveness. It will likely translate to the opposite. You run the risk of losing your target audience if they feel disturbed by your incessant emails. They may unsubscribe or simply mark your email as spam. 

Focus more on the quality of the emails you send to your audience, and they will always look forward to the next email. 

5. Promote your products/services

Email campaigns are among the best ways to promote a new product or service to your customers and prospects. When you send such emails, lay emphasis on what they stand to gain from the product or service to increase the likelihood of success.

You may offer an incentive (coupons, discounts, etc.) for them to take action. Make sure you attach some form of urgency to any incentive you offer such as expiration date, how many items are left, etc. However, be sure not to overload an email with too much information and calls to action.

6. Build customer loyalty and advocacy.

You can easily build long-term relationships with your customers through email. Feature some of your customers’ feedback and success stories in your emails to show that you listen to your customers and that you really care about them.

You can also build customer loyalty through personalized emails. Sending a greeting card with a discount offer on their birthday is one of the ways to do this. You could nudge dormant customers with an automated “We Miss You” email while also offering them an incentive to make a purchase again. Also, keep the monthly newsletter going. It helps to keep your customers updated on the current happenings in your business.

7. Be Intentional about landing pages

When you are putting together your email campaigns, always be intentional about where you are sending your readers. Target landing pages that are specific to the goals of the email copy and that add more direct value to the email you just sent. If the email is promoting a new product or service, your call to action should take them to the landing page for that product or service, not to the homepage of your website. 

Remember, your goal is to provide your customers with a stress-free customer experience.

8. Make your emails skimmable and make subjects compelling

Make your content easy to read and understand. It is perhaps the number one rule of email copywriting. 

Most people don’t have the time or patience to read bulky emails with no clear message. For this reason, your email copy should relay the message as clearly and as quickly as possible. 

Bullet points and lists help to present texts more clearly and make skimming easy. Always use them when necessary. Break the copy into short informative paragraphs, and leave out any irrelevant information.

In addition, pay extra attention to your email subjects. Your subjects can be the difference between getting an email conversion or getting sent to the trash. Email subjects help recipients to decide whether to open an email or not. Get creative with your subject, give readers indications of what to expect, and include a sense of urgency.

9. Build website traffic with new content

Having customers or prospects subscribe to your mailing list is already an indication that they are interested in what you offer. Never make the mistake of abandoning them or leaving them hanging. Always look for ways to keep them returning to your website. A surefire way of doing this is by providing new and valuable content they can interact with. Make them want more than what is in the email. When you are able to regularly direct traffic back to your website, you increase your chances of remaining on your customers’ minds and the chances of repeat purchases.

10. Inspire action

An email marketing campaign is not successful until your recipients take action. When recipients read your email, make sure it tells them what to do next. In other words, your emails should include calls to action (CTA). Your email could be telling your recipients to register for a webinar, subscribe to a trial, learn more about a product, etc. Whatever it is, clearly ask for it.

However, don’t overload your emails with too many calls to action. The fewer CTA you include, the more attention your email gets. 


Applying these tips to your email marketing strategy will ensure that your emails stand out and get acted on. Our comprehensive email marketing service can help you get started on implementing these email marketing best practices. Reas Marketing provides top-notch email marketing consulting services that guarantee higher conversion rates for your business and revenue growth. 

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