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Ecommerce Email: Building, Writing & Creating Effective Campaigns

Every email you send a customer is an opportunity
to make more leads for your business. Such a
powerful and influential tool should be given the
time and attention it deserves!
This eBook contains three sections to help you
optimize your email marketing strategy.

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What's Inside


You’d be surprised how often an email can remind a customer to make another
purchase. Using unconventional segments in marketing and transactional emails
increase your likelihood to boost sales.


From the subject line to the final CTA button every email should be seen as a short story to convince your subscriber to make an action or purchase.


Make sure you adhere to your brand’s style guide. The style guide will list all the
colors, logos, fonts, and design elements to make your brand look cohesive on all
media assets.

" Your efforts could transform mundane messages into the most effective lead generation gadgets in your marketing toolbox."