4 Cliches About Marketing Strategy You Should Avoid

There is an overwhelming amount of strategies in the marketing world, but not all of these tips should be implemented into your business. Marketing is constantly changing which means some past advice is outdated and no longer relevant. Here are a few of the common mistakes companies make when devising a marketing strategy.

1. Produce as much content as possible

Quantity is not the name of the game for marketing anymore. The media has become oversaturated with an infinite source of articles, blogs, and more. In fact, there is too much content on the Internet (with more being produced daily) for a single human to read in a lifetime. Be smart and strategize your content. Make sure it’s free of errors, and original compared to competitor sites. In fact, original content is ranked higher on Google because search engines don’t want to promote spam or duplicate sites.

2. Stick to your original plan

It is good to have a concise vision, but the media is constantly changing, and your business will have to as well. Businesses who haven’t shifted their marketing strategies to adhere to current trends fall behind and oftentimes lose traction of new customers. For example, social media is a great way to save time and money and gain more awareness. Companies who fail to use social media and only pay for traditional advertising are spending more money and failing to find new followers.

3. The customer is always right

If a customer is doing something wrong you should be clear with them and explain your perspective on the situation. Make sure you fully understand where they are coming from so your communication does not come off as rude or patronizing, but at the same time make sure you uphold your company values if a customer needs to be corrected.

4. Emails are outdated

Emails may be an old marketing strategy, but they are not going away any time soon! In fact, 70% of businesses say they couldn’t gain the profits they earn without emails. More than ever, it’s important to keep using email campaigns to retain a strong customer base. Make sure you connect subscribe call to actions to your website and social media too, where you’re gaining a large amount of viewership.

Now that you have a better idea of marketing misconceptions, it’s time to start strategizing what works best for your business!

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