#RevenueRockstars – Learn Marketing Automation Secrets with Sheena Graham and Marnie Ochs-Raleigh

SharpSpring’s Revenue Rockstars webinar series is coming up, and Sheena Graham, the founder of Reas Marketing, will be speaking on a panel with Marnie Ochs-Raleigh, about the advancements in marketing automation. The webinar is hosted and sponsored by SharpSpring, and registration is free.

  • Topic: In the Winds of Change, Marketers Rise: How Rockstars Roll with Change to Unlock Revenue
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Time: 2 pm ET

Among the things to look forward to in this webinar are the tips Sheena will be giving towards achieving optimal revenue flow for businesses. She will also be discussing the transformational nature of marketing automation tools, and the necessity of these tools for business growth.

Marketing automation has seen an increased rate of adoption among businesses due to its ability to help businesses to free up resources designated for manual processes, and allow more focus on humanistic tasks like engagement, creation, and lead management. This makes marketing efforts highly adaptable and sustainable in the long run.

After watching Sheena’s conversation with SharpSpring’s CMO Chip House, we gathered the top 4 takeaways from her interview.

Businesses can use marketing automation to efficiently target useful insights, allowing you to interact with customers in an intelligent and sensitive manner. It goes well beyond simply referring to customers by their names in email campaigns. Marketing automation ensures an optimal customer experience that is highly personalized and targeted across various marketing channels. A marketing automation tool like Sharpspring allows for the tracking of not just the engagement rate for websites, emails, landing pages, campaigns, etc., but also for the tracking of overall conversion rates.

An example of a brilliant automation tool is the Sharpspring Google Data Studio Connector built by Reas Marketing. As implied in the name, it functions as a bridge between Google Data Studio and Sharpspring, affording the flexibility to blend data, create complex dashboards, and automate reporting. The Sharpspring Data Connector makes it easier for businesses to congregate data and come up with reports laden with data needed for the assessment of current sales performance, the projection of future performance, and for effective and powerful decision-making. It also allows for the customization of marketing reports to show only specific data from sales, ads, email campaigns, etc.

Gain insight into the latest developments in the world of marketing automation in the upcoming Revenue Rockstars webinar series with Sheena Graham, and also get an opportunity to learn more about our Sharpspring Google Data Studio Connector. Registration for the webinar is free.

  • Topic: In the Winds of Change, Marketers Rise: How Rockstars Roll with Change to Unlock Revenue
  • Date: November 17, 2021
  • Time: 2 pm ET

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