Convert Visitors to Leads with Remarketing

In a world filled with different brands and a variety of options, people rarely become buyers right away. Potential customers like to do their research before committing to a specific product. In fact, according to Marketo, 96% of website visitors are not ready to buy yet. In order to turn your site visitors into customers, engaging them is important. That’s what remarketing does. 

Remarketing sends targeted ads to people who have either previously visited or engaged with your website. By doing this, you can convert passive visitors into loyal customers. In this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of remarketing, tactics for remarketing, and how we use SharpSpring Ads as an effective remarketing tool at REAS Marketing.

Remarketing Benefits

Normally, you only get one time to make a first impression, but remarketing makes a second impression possible. Remarketing is another chance for visitors to know your brand and buy from you. Don’t waste the opportunity. Here are some benefits:

  • Make Ads Timely

People typically see traditional or online ads randomly, but with remarketing, you can target customers with your ads when it’s most relevant to them. For example, if you’re a travel agency, then you want to advertise to people who are thinking of taking a trip soon. The best time to remarket to these potential vacationers is when they start searching your site (or similar sites) for bookings, checking plane ticket prices, or buying suitcases.

  • Funnel Consumers

Marketing is all about funneling potential leads into different segments. Remarketing is guaranteed to reach someone who is already within the sales funnel. The person likely hasn’t made a transaction yet, but at least you know they’re open to the possibility.

  • Re-engage Possible Leads

Remarketing ads place your business back in the customer’s mind. It allows you to strategically reconnect with customers and increase their awareness of your brand. This will make them more likely to re-engage with your business and purchase from you.

Remarketing Tactics

The key to remarketing tactics is knowing who to remarket to. If a site visitor has ever done any of the following, then they’re a candidate for remarketing:

  • Viewed your site or price pages
  • Abandoned a shopping cart
  • Viewed a video on your social pages
  • Engaged with your social pages
  • Previously purchased items
  • Used your mobile app

The tactics for each group vary because their behaviors vary. Every person’s level of interest is different so your tactics should reflect that. For example, someone viewing your Instagram versus someone saving one of your Instagram posts are two different types of engagement. In this instance, the person who saved your post should get a different tactic than the person who only viewed your page. Your business needs to go where the engagement is. 

If you remarket to everyone who has interacted with your brand, then you might fail to focus on the people who are truly interested. Make sure to divvy up engagement ranks into different funnels and remarket accordingly. Not only will this be more successful, you’ll also save money.

SharpSpring Ads

With their acquisition of Perfect Audience, SharpSpring has joined the remarketing race. Now known as SharpSpring Ads, this platform reinforces your branding and messaging in order to convert website visitors. With it, you can:

  • Drive quality leads to sites with lookalike audiences
  • Capture more leads by retargeting unknown web visitors
  • Convert more leads by reinforcing branding with remarketing
  • Bring in more revenue by upselling/cross-selling to current customers

As a SharpSpring-certified consultant, we’re prepared to help you navigate the platform for your remarketing needs. We’ll help you create and launch ads, define your audiences, and set up campaigns that will bring your site visitors back. 

If you’ve ever had someone visit your website, you’re eligible for remarketing. It may sound complex, but once you get familiar with the different features, you’ll see a huge ROI for your business. At REAS Marketing, we’re experts in SharpSpring Ads and we’re ready to help you with your remarketing needs. Contact us today to get started on getting more customers.

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