Will Chatbots Make Or Break Your Email Marketing Strategy?

You’re most likely aware of the benefits of email marketing but what about chatbots? Chatbots have also made a huge impression on the digital landscape due to their influence on capturing leads and answering customer inquiries. Over 50% of Millennials and Gen Xers use chatbots when they visit websites. Of those 50% of customers, these individuals are three times more likely to buy after a successful chatbot interaction. In fact, live chat can increase conversion rates by 20%! This is a much higher statistic than the average promotional email.

Chatbots for Every Industry

Chatbots might seem like a tool exclusive to e-commerce, but multiple industries are taking advantage of AI assistance. Financial services companies use chatbots to answer questions about customer accounts, transfers, and transactions. Insurance agents can help sell insurance products or answer policy and billing questions with chatbots Grocery stores use chatbots to send recipes and promote produce deals Healthcare chatbots can answer specific medical questions As you can see any industry can benefit from the use of chatbots. Email campaigns would be unable to resolve many of the answers chatbots can provide. For example, an email couldn’t pull up a list of customer transactions when a client has a billing question.

Fast, Efficient, and Inexpensive

Did you know 70% of users prefer typing to talking to resolve their questions? Not only are you giving customers what they want, you’re also saving them time in the process. For example, IBM improved customer response time by 99% and reduced and average 1.5 day resolve time into 5 minutes. Fast customer service is crucial, especially when there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of other businesses offering the same goods or services as you. If customers can’t get an answer resolved right away, they might move on to another website and spend their money elsewhere. When you compare the cost of a chatbot feature versus the cost of hiring several customer service professionals, the price difference is unrivaled. You can get a chat bot extension for as low as $50 a month. As long as you take the time to maintain bots (especially if you see a trend in new questions they’re unable to answer) and make sure they have a thorough source of prebuilt answers, customers will be appreciative of the instant response rate. Chatbots + Marketing Automation So does this mean chatbots are going to be the reason email marketing declines? Not necessarily! If anything, chatbots are going to be the reason your email campaigns see increased engagement. Chatbots are the first to track customer movement on your website. Depending on customer traffic, chatbots can initiate a conversation from what they are viewing or adding to their cart. In regards to emails, chatbots can mention signing up for an email subscription. And you’ll be able to customize emails based off chatbot interactions. You could also hint to deals by saying, “Hey there, sign up for our weekly emails to receive exclusive discounts and updates!” This example is more ecommerce focused, but with a little creativity you can twist it to cater to your marketing goals. Think of it this way, chatbots answer instant questions for customers. While emails continue to nurture relationships. Both marketing methods have their place within the sales funnel, and can seamlessly promote and interact with one another.

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