Top 4 Email Marketing Best Practices for 2020

Major 2020 events such as a worldwide pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement are influencing how marketers position their brand publically. We all know user-generated content and mobile optimization are essential features for modern email marketing. But there have been a lot of social changes in 2020 that are just as important to consider when creating email campaigns. It’s easy to get tied up in the newest marketing automation technology, but these tools can only go so far if a brand doesn’t understand what its audience wants.

In this article we’ll cover four common 2020 email marketing trends as they relate to consumerism and cultural shifts.

  1. More Virtual Offerings

Cross-channel marketing is becoming very valuable for emails ever since shopping online became easily accessible within social media and Pinterest. In fact, 14% of today’s shoppers are purchasing through social media, and even e-commerce stores saw a 35% increase in sales between March and June this year compared to last year. Online shopping is viewed as a safer alternative during the coronavirus pandemic, and businesses that shift to virtual sales are benefiting greatly.

So what does this mean for email marketing? Marketers should utilize interactivity tactics to cross-promote web and social content in emails. Shopping is more prevalent online in 2020 so make it easy for your consumers to make a digital transaction and view goods and services on various web outlets.

  1. More Texting

Marketing automation platforms are catching on to the value of SMS (short message service). Even Mailchimp now offers a new integration feature between emails and texts. If you haven’t hopped on the mobile bandwagon yet, it’s definitely time to!

SMS is the fastest-growing communication channel with an impressive 98% open rate. In one survey, 66% of users claim they like SMS more than calls and emails. Users who opt-in to SMS show strong interest in your brand. Businesses who take advantage of this engagement opportunity will experience faster conversions from texters.

When combined, SMS and emails can be an effective duo. Texts can re-engage your audience after an email drip campaign or abandoned cart reminder. You’ll also get a sense of which of your subscribers prefer SMS to email for communication.

  1. More Humanitarian Efforts

Consumers want to engage with businesses that are striving to make a positive change in the world. In the wake of coronavirus and the Black Lives Matter movement, humanitarian and charitable causes at a corporate level are now viewed as necessary rather than optional.

According to a survey by Opinium, 71% of Americans want brands to respond to police violence issues by releasing statements on social platforms. While 68% of Americans want brands to make ads referring to the coronavirus pandemic. Whether it’s promoting inclusivity within advertising, supporting charities, using social distancing strategies, or encouraging votership, consumerism in 2020 is highly influenced by people who want social change.

  1. More Engagement, Less Spending

Perhaps the most important change to consider is the increase in audience engagement. However, you shouldn’t mistake engagement for sales conversions. They are both related, but still different.

Now more than ever, people are opening their emails. Extra time at home means more time to read messages from their favorite businesses. According to Mailchimp, email click rates were down 10% during the 2019 holiday season, but up 20% during the government shutdown this past March. Even though the service industry was hit hard with closures and restrictions, email engagement rates for restaurants was up 60%. In general, the amount of digital ads, surveys, and articles published online has increased this year compared to 2019.

Consumers might not have the funds or opportunity to spend money right now, but they still care about the businesses they support. Subscribers are craving educational blogs, COVID-19 updates, and fun contests far more than sales-y promotions. Keep engaging your consumers online so when they are ready to spend money, your brand is at the forefront of their mind.

It’s crucial to use marketing automation to optimize your brand’s conversion rates. You might be adamant about not spending funds on marketing right now (typically marketing departments are the first to receive budget cuts during economic downfall), but 2020 email marketing engagement statistics prove it’s worthwhile.

Looking for a marketing automation agency to do the work for you? REAS Marketing is a full-service agency that can boost your email marketing influence to a wider audience. REAS is a Black woman-owned email marketing agency that supports small businesses looking to grow digitally.

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