4 Tips for Getting Personal with SMS Marketing

Implementing mobile-friendly features in your marketing strategy is no longer an option, it’s a requirement. The majority of your audience will be viewing your emails and website via their smartphone. Whether on-the-go or between breaks in the office, most of the time your contacts will be scrolling through their handheld device to view your company’s content. Since this is the current trend of modern marketing, it’s worth considering a SMS messaging strategy for your next campaign.

Why SMS?

SMS has the highest read rate of any form of communication with a staggering 90% of messages being opened within 3 minutes of delivery. The cost-effective marketing tactic won’t hinder your budget and it works seamlessly with your email and social agenda. Whether you’re new to SMS or already invested in the communication, continue reading to learn how to make the most out of your text message strategies.

Get Friendly With Your Copy

Use words like “you,” “friend,” “I,” and their name will make a message feel more intimate. Depending on the time of day a “good morning!” message might spark intrigue, especially since most millennials agree that the first thing they check after waking up is their phone. Take this a step further and you could tailor a text depending on the day of the week or a specific month. For example, a “TGIF” or “Monday Motivation” can increase leads and sound less automated compared to a generic text.

Convince Your Audience It’s Worth Their Time

A lot of people will gladly use their email when signing up for a subscription or promotional deals. But oftentimes potential customers will leave the “phone number” box blank because they only want personal messages sent to their phone. In order to tap into this valuable marketing tool, you’ll have to convince your audience with incentives.
  • Reassure them of how often they will receive a text (1-2 times a month is ideal)
  • Offer exclusive deals or sneak peeks that are only obtainable through SMS
  • Use SMS to update them of approaching appointments or deadlines

Continue the Conversation

There are several ways to have your users interact through text. They can click a link, call a number, or reply to a question to continue the conversation. Or you can have a text message entice them to come straight to your door if you’re a brick and mortar shop by offering deals like “show this text to get 50% off your next purchase!” Other tips include:
  • Send short answer surveys to gain effective feedback
  • Start a “yes” or “no” list of questions to learn more about the user and cater to their needs
  • Provide incentive for having them refer a friend

Accommodate to Your Customer’s Interactions

With the help of tracking survey responses and hyperlink open rates, you can figure out a good bit about everyone on your SMS list. Divide and conquer by offering specific texts to different users among your audience. For example, if they haven’t responded to your texts in a while send a “we miss you” promotional deal. Or maybe your data and analytics show they focus on specific products or events when they visit your website. In this case, use SMS as a remarketing tool to remind them of an abandoned shopping cart, or offer a coupon on a product they recently viewed. These are the same exact tactics you can use in marketing automation, but just more direct and concise via SMS. Take advantage of how often people use their phone by using SMS marketing for your business. Make sure to use tailor-made messages offering something valuable to your customer. As long as you don’t text them too often, you should see a huge increase in engagement from your audience!

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