Marketing Automation – An Effective Tool For Your Sales Team

The purpose of marketing automation software is to better understand what customers are doing online, what they want, and how interested they are depending on their responses, open rates, and web interactions. Essentially, marketing automation is a form of sales, yet typically only the marketing department leverages these platforms. If the sales team for your business isn’t taking advantage of your email and web tools, then continue reading to learn about why they should start.

Use MAP Tracking to Find New Leads

Your marketing automation platform (MAP) keeps track of every person coming to your website. Best of all, the system can pinpoint their contact information by asking them to fill out a form in order to receive free demos or emails. Visitors who take the time to fill out these forms are interested in your company, but often never contacted by the sales department. Utilize these contacts by having the sales team message them directly or send a trigger email.

Measure Leads Based On Their Potential

Not only is your MAP tracking leads, it’s also giving each user a score based on how likely they are to buy your product or service. Lead scoring will add or subtract points on a lead depending on which actions they take on your website. Examples of positive interactions include watching a demo video, reading blog posts, or visiting your site a certain number of times. Negative values on a lead score can include lack of web activity over time, or unsubscribing from your email list. By viewing these scores, your sales team can decide which leads they should focus their time on and which ones are disinterested regardless.

Contact Leads at the Right Time

One great aspect of marketing automation is the ability to turn a cold call into a warm call. Lacking insight on an individual when you call them can be frustrating for the potential lead because the sales team will be asking them basic questions before getting to the gist of the conversation. With a warm call based off lead scoring, the sales team already knows their name, affiliated company, and which content keeps them intrigued. And when the sales team is notified of a lead downloading a demo or adding products to a shopping cart, they’ll know the best time to call a potential customer. This minimizes the risk of calling a lead when they are already disengaged after a few weeks or months of no web activity.

Automate Manual Work

A MAP can rate a user depending on their activity, send pre-written trigger emails to potential leads, and even assign leads to different reps on the sales team. Some MAPs can also collect data from disparate reports. Make sure you sales team is fully aware of all of your MAP’s features. For all you know, they might be able to automate more of their work than originally expected! Marketing automation platforms can tremendously benefit the sales team by providing ample insight into the customer journey. By working alongside the marketing team through this useful tool, the sales team will save time and meet quotas more efficiently. If you haven’t already, organize a team meeting with both the marketing and sales department of your business to start capturing higher-quality leads and conversions. Sources:

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