4 Reasons Why We Love Justuno

From startups to major corporations, over 50,000 businesses are using Justuno to increase conversion rates, capture new leads, and improve e-commerce sales. The platform helps visitors stay on your website by creating enticing popups customizable by the user.

Along with other features like A/B testing, geo-targeting, and analytics, and integration with MailChimp, Hubspot, and other sites, it’s easy to see how beneficial Justuno is for marketing automation. In case you aren’t quite convinced, we’ve added our top four favorite perks to show why we’ve partnered with Justuno.

  1. Effective Promotions:

In a 90 day study during the summer of 2018, Justuno compared client sales before and after they started using the platform and saw that Justuno was responsible for 10.6% of client earnings. The same study showed the bounce rate of users decreased by 15% after using Justuno popups.

The most effective tool was the spin-to-win feature, which received a 13.39% opt-in rate. This was 5% higher than the second most effective tool – countdown timers. Whichever popup feature you decide to choose, your conversion rates will benefit from the increased awareness of sales and updates.

  1. Boosts Sales

Justuno is the perfect platform for e-commerce businesses, especially if you’re using Shopify. Push notifications can reach customers who aren’t currently on your site to inform them of flash sales or discounts. Check out offers can help prevent abandoned carts through remarketing strategies. Countdown Timers can instill urgency. Exit-intent popup results “dwarfed other lead gen sources” according to one Capterra reviewer. The list continues!  All these features will encourage visitors to engage with your products and complete more purchases.

  1. Easy to Use

If you’re not savvy with HTML, CSS, or jQuery, then popup designer tools can be rather tedious on some marketing platforms. These coding options are available on Justuno, but not necessary to make campaigns. Users can choose from pre-designed templates and refer to Really Good Pop-Ups for inspiration. Customization tools allow popups to coincide with your company’s branding without implementing hours of design or development.

Account manager help is also provided in 15 and 330-minute sessions at every pricing stage if any issues occur.

  1. Affordable

The full platform is available for just $20 a month. The more expensive plans are suggested if you receive up to 25,000 visitors a month. Customized plans are also offered for websites who have a larger following and require specific needs. Justuno’s $20 plan is great for small shops or startups who want to invest in marketing automation features without paying a large bill each month.

Justuno understands the value of lead generation and increasing revenue. By approaches customer interest through constant engagement and eye-popping visuals, the marketing platform has helped thousands of businesses boost ecommerce sales by integrating more features into marketing automation systems. Still not persuaded? Try a free trial today.

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