Glimpse Eloqua’s Newest 19A Release Updates

For many years I’ve been a huge supporter of Eloqua’s dynamic marketing platform. The marketing automation system typically comes out with three to four updates a year. To start 2019 on a good note, Oracle is making long awaited changes requested by Eloquans. Here is a quick overview of the 19A release features.

NEW Responsive Form Editor

Eloqua is phasing out their Classic Design Editor to a more responsive form. The changes won’t be completely implemented until later in the year. The new form design editor will have better selection and drag-and-drop mechanisms, and more layout design features within the form without need of CSS. Newfound flexibility within the system includes validation with all fields and the ability to create your ideal form in less clicks. Overall, it will be easier to create responsive forms without coding expertise. By the time the 19B and 19C updates are released, Eloquans will not be able to design classic emails or landing pages. Although with a better system in place, there will be no need to revert to the original editor.

Larger Exporting Capacity

Reporting just got easier now that Eloquans have the ability to export 200,000 rows at a time. This is a huge difference compared to the previous 5,000! If you are using a SQL Server to analyze your data without a native analytics platform such as Tableau, you’ll be in heaven. The increase in rows means that you can download data more frequently without having to access the API.

Dashboard Updates Just like most software updates, the navigation dashboard will see some revisions as well. A new header, drop-down feature, and icons will make the interface more user-friendly. For the Reporting and Analytics page, new campaigns can be analyzed by asset type, and individual campaign performance and activity reports are now available.

Enhanced AI Communication Clients using the WeChat app will notice improvements to the keyword matching. Previously, only one keyword could be listed for every automatic reply message or email. Now, ten keywords can be used and each keyword can have a partial match (another advancement compared to the full match recently offered). This means AI communication options have increased over ten-fold for automatic replies and Eloquans won’t have to spend as much time answering straightforward customer questions.

Thorough Contact Profiles Subscriber profiles will begin to list more information, giving the sales team improved access and insight on how to interact with leads. Eloqua sales tools are also updating to sync with the new updates to LinkedIn and Microsoft Outlook. This means profile forms can be passed through a LinkedIn Lead Gen Form.

Additional Recommended Apps Users will have an easier time discovering Oracle-built apps suited for specific business and campaign development needs. In addition, there have been adjustments made to the Integration app within Program Canvas, import functions, and more. The changes listed above are just a few of the software advancements highlighted in the 19A release. To learn more, go to their new features summary.

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