5 Fundamentals Marketing Strategy You didn’t Know Exist

In order to produce successful marketing strategies, creative approaches are absolutely necessary. There is always something new to learn in today’s ever changing world, especially when it comes to effective marketing. Oftentimes the most beneficial approaches are also the simplest. Skip business school and start using these marketing techniques today.

1. Referral Awards

Over 70% of consumers say they use a particular product or brand because it was recommended by family or friends. Word-of-mouth greatly influences profits and for the most part, it requires no effort on your end. But even though it’s a lifesaver for your business, you should be taking advantage of this free marketing in other ways. Add incentives to consumers by giving them discounts of freebies when they refer a friend or family member. This way, everyone wins!

2. Email + Social Media Combinations

If you haven’t combined your social media and email subscribing methods together, start now. Social media is a great way to find new audiences, while emails help retain customers. When combined, you’ll seamlessly turn potential followers into devoted fans. New algorithms on social media platforms allow you to send prospective subscribers messages using text-to-join keywords. You can also engage new clients by sharing sign-up or landing page links on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

3. Contests

Running contests is a great was to boost engagement. Organize raffles, create photo competitions, start a giveaway; the options are endless! Setting goals within each contest will show your audience what you’re looking to accomplish while simultaneously benefitting them as a consumer. Consumers appreciate this transparency within a business, and they’re more likely to share the contest information with their friends in hopes of winning a prize. Announce contest rules on all your social media platforms, and promote others to share the content to gain a larger viewership.

4. Customer Focus

Before you think about you want for your business, think about what your customer wants. Do they want a new spring wardrobe? Do they want better customer service? Do they want their brands to promote the same values as them? Marketing content that promotes their goals before your objectives is the most valuable way to have the customer engage with your brand and promote your business. If you don’t offer something your customer wants, they will simply find another company who does. The best way to do this is curate heartfelt articles, blogs, videos, and media that openly expresses their concerns with useful solutions to appeal to your niche audience.

5. Discussions

Depending on a FAQs page to solve all your customer questions is a thing of the past. Nowadays customers are looking for increased personal engagement from brands. Starting questions or forum posts on your social media pages, or creating surveys via email, are great ways to get a conversation going. Customers want to see your business directly respond to their questions because this builds a more genuine relationship they can connect to. There’s no need to receive a higher education when we can provide you with the best tricks of the trade. Now it’s time to test these strategies on your business and see what solutions work best for you!

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