8 TED Talks That Anyone Working in Marketing Automation Should Watch!

Marketing automation takes a lot of time and energy. Numerous factors like psychology, consumerism, entrepreneurship, creativity, economics, and networking play key roles in successful marketing. Marketers needs to be well-rounded, in-tune with current trends, and focused on treating consumers like humans rather than potential leads. Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED) Talks are useful because these presentations allow people to learn more about the world through new ideas and perspectives.

Here are 8 inspiring TED talks to help you think outside the box as your pursue marketing automation.

1. Rory Sutherland: Life Lessons from an Ad Man

Learn how entertainment and advertising are merged to provide cutting-edge campaigns that revolutionized how branding is perceived. Advertising is constantly changing, and it’s vital to keep your business at the forefront of consumer demands.

2. Renny Gleeson: 404, the Story of a Page Not Found

Don’t worry, the link works! Gleeson explains how a little bit of creativity can change 404 pages into opportunities to build a relationship with your customers.

3. Seth Godin: How to Get Your Ideas to Spread

Our culture thrives on video sharing, and Gordin is here to explain how this trend can become an advantage for your business. The moral of his speech: bizarre ideas are better than boring ones in a world with too many options.

4. Rob Legato: The Art of Creating Awe

Tiny details can make a huge difference in how consumers view your brand. Legato discusses this phenomenon through movie effects in this funny discussion.

5. Steven Johnson: Where Good Ideas Come From

You might experience writer’s block or a lack of inspiration when it comes to creating new marketing campaigns. But don’t feel bad! This presentation emphasizes the longer, lesser-known process of ideation shown through history.

6. James Veich: The Agony of Trying to Unsubscribe

The video speaks about spam and poorly thought-out marketing campaigns – and the terrible effects they can have on your customers. It also speaks about how these campaigns can be turned into something more effective.

7. David Allen: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity

If you work in a stressful environment, then this video is for you. This talk will help you turn stress into productivity.

8. Andrew Stanton: The Clues to a Great Story

Last but not least, our personal favorite! We enjoyed this Talk because Stanton shows you how to put heart and soul into everything you pursue. Discover how a good story can help improve your marketing strategy.

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