Why We Love Marketing Automation (And You Should Too!)

Whether you are trying to gain more subscribers to your email list or you want to increase the viewership on your blog, marketing automation is a necessity for every modern business. Small company owners and large corporations are realizing marketing automation is key to managing an engaged customer base, but why is it so great in the first place?

Check Out the Results
Marketing automation is a data-driven engine that encompasses all digital channels together for seamless communication. Social media, websites, email lists, marketplaces, you name it, all these outlets can provide insightful analytics for your business. Nearly 80% of companies who use marketing automation saw an increase in leads, and 77% of those same companies saw an increase in conversations. Marketing automation platforms help these increases happen because business owners can better predict preferred communication methods by examining data. By looking at real results and numbers, you can decide how best to reach your audience, which channels work best for your business, what content your audience prefers, and how to gain new customers.

Keep it Personal
Email marketing is a way to inform your audience of new products or updates to your business. But depending on your business and customer base, some emails may be irrelevant to your audience. For example, if your store is in several locations, one customer may only want to hear about news from a particular store. Or perhaps you sell a range of food products, but due to dietary restrictions, a customer won’t’ be interested in hearing about deals on dairy. There are numerous situations where you’ll want to personalize the media you send to customers, and fortunately targeted email lists are the perfect solution.

Build Lasting Relationships
Keep in mind when you build email lists, you need to regularly keep these subscribers engaged with new content. If a customer is signing up for your emails, it most likely means they are already loyal or interested in what you have to offer, and you don’t want to let them down by not posting or emailing frequently. If there’s a chance they only signed up to receive a particular offer, then here is your opportunity to keep them around with interesting content; whether that’s in the form of exclusive deals, funny copy, new announcements, or personalized media.

Manage Your Data
With marketing automation data and analytics, you have the power to see the influence you have over customers! A marketing automation platform like SharpSpring can send out emails securely, check email spam regulations, and most importantly, manage your data. Such platforms will keep track of your content’s statistics and trends with in-depth reports so you can see which emails are more successful and why. This takes a lot of time and guesswork out of the marketing, and provides concrete records for your business.

Are you interested in learning more about marketing automation and what it can provide to your business? Please contact us and we’ll help you get started.

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