Up and Coming Trends About Marketing Strategy You Should Know

Some of these trends won’t be leaving anytime soon, while others are at the cusp of becoming more available to smaller brands and businesses. Make sure you take the time to implement these features into your strategy. If you do, you’ll experience an increase in brand awareness, and you’ll have an easier time managing your own team with updated tools.

If customers have a simple question, they don’t want to fish through contact pages to find numbers and then wait on the phone for several minutes for a service representative to respond. In some situations, this is still necessary, but for many businesses, Chabot integration will solve a lot of questions up front. Over 70% of people prefer communicating with a Chatbot rather than an app or Q&A page. Even Facebook Messenger is using Chatbot options for businesses. Although Chatbots are known to sometimes miss certain text-based social queues, they generally receive a positive response when it comes to answering basic questions about your brand or website.

Marketing Artificial Intelligence

Marketing AI won’t use robots to write or design your emails, but they can organize data better and reduce the manpower put into strategy. Let’s say you’re a content marketer whose job is to write emails and blogs. In reality, you spend most of your time brainstorming post topics, reviewing analytics, testing landing pages, and publishing posts. Marketing AI would essentially do tasks such as these so that marketers can focus their time elsewhere. Thanks to AI, marketing automation would become even more automated than it currently is. Since marketing AI is relatively new, only larger businesses can afford to implement these changes. It’s possible that marketers will see a shift in what’s valued by a potential employer. If marketing AI can optimize paid search campaigns, then such skill sets will not be needed in a marketer anymore.

Automatic Social Outreach
It looks like the trend of this article is going to be an increase in automatic tools, huh? This one is quite handy if you don’t want to toil over social media day-to-day. Social media automation tools will do all the liking, commenting, and following for your business. Constant engagement is the best way to receive a larger following, but most marketers don’t want to spend the time hunched over their phones more than they already do – meaning this trend doesn’t look like it’ll leave anytime soon.

Videos are all the rage on social media right now. A video Tweet is six times more likely to be retweeted compared to a photo tweet. And branded video content on Facebook has increased by 258% between 2016 and 2017. Even within your own social media newsfeeds you probably noticed this trend. Most of these videos are sponsored by a brand, even though they’re not directly selling a product. This makes branding more successful since viewers don’t want to see hard selling on their social pages. There are infinite ideas for video campaigns. You could begin your own recipe series, share funny videos of people or pets, highlight travel hotspots, and more. Viewers want to feel like they learned something from a video, or experienced an amusing moment to share with friends. As long as you put these notions at the forefront of your campaigns (rather than bluntly selling your products and services), you’ll most likely see a positive response and increased engagement. Keep in mind most videos are viewed in the sound off, so add graphics and text. And include a CTA afterward to prevent viewers from immediately disengaging after the clip is over.

The Cloud
More and more marketing automation systems are using the cloud to store data rather than SAAS. If you experience problems with your software or data, a vendor from the service will have to come to your location to fix the problem. If you use the cloud, all your software can be analyzed through the Internet without a vendor visiting your place. This is a big bonus if you’re a remote marketer who travels a lot! In addition, engineers seamlessly update the cloud without you having to constantly stall work when undergoing updates on your own software.

A Mobile-First Focus
In 2017, mobile viewership of ads surpassed desktop for the first time ever. The trend is expected to increase by 8.5% in 2018. Now more than ever, mobile first optimization is essential for ad campaigns. This means the use of apps (does your business have one?), SMS, mobile wallet, and push notifications are valuable features to weave into your marketing strategy.

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