The Top 5 Misconceptions of Marketing Automation

Are there certain aspects to marketing automation you’ve always been hesitant about? We’re here to debunk the myths associated with email marketing to make sure you have a thorough understanding of this valuable marketing feature.

Read ahead to learn more about the realities of marketing automation and figure out what your team needs to focus on to craft the best campaigns for your business!

Myth #1: Marketing Automation is Easy

Just because you can auto-schedule emails does not mean you can sit back and let the marketing wizards do their magic. There’s still a lot to consider when implementing an email campaign beside scheduling dates and times for posting.

Keep in mind marketing automation is just one channel within your marketing strategy. You have to consider how social media, your blog, and your landing page correlate to your posts.

You also want to spend a lot of time analyzing email trends before crassly posting another campaign. Look at where you email performed well and why. Did certain keywords trigger the email to move to a spam folder? How did you subject lines perform? Did a certain demographic respond more positively than another? What time of day ensues the highest opening rate?

Myth #2: All Emails Look the Same

In today’s world, most of your subscribers are opening emails on their mobile phones. Always, always make sure your emails are optimized for mobile. But you’re not off the hook yet! Now within the mobile realm, your audience is going to have either an iPhone or Android. And both models view emails slightly differently.

iPhones display images by default while Android apps may have image blocking. Formatting will also appear differently between both smartphones because they don’t have the same HTML and CSS support. And a poor display can run the risk of 16% of your viewers unsubscribing.

Your best solution is simplification. Create a simple and straightforward message and display with photos that are scaled small enough to load on a webpage easily, and add alternative text in place of an image to reduce the risk of apps blocking your images. Use large fonts too; this is especially important for viewers who won’t take the time to put on reading glasses.

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Myth #3: Automating Messages is Foolproof

It’s a huge benefit to be able to automatically sync emails and reach a wider audience due to these services. But pressing the final publish button doesn’t inherently fix all content problems.

You still need to make sure your messaging is interesting, creative, and compelling for each of your unique viewers. Otherwise, they might find your business to be impersonal and to promo-based. Good thing we have a team of designers and copywriters to help you!

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Myth #4: Automated Emails are Impersonal

One of the biggest advances of marketing automation is the ability to differentiate emails based on your unique users. Depending on what a subscriber lists in their profile (gender, age, region, favorite products), you can send them customized emails that other users won’t receive if they don’t fit within a certain characteristic.

These features can be used to send messages about a store opening in a specific region, target audiences who haven’t shopped in a while, promote special deals to devoted followers, or send different product promotions dependent upon past purchases.

Myth #5: Marketing Automation Isn’t for Small Businesses

The fact of the matter is all businesses, no matter the size, should be taking advantage of marketing automation. Our agency provides affordable services with a focus on small to mid-size companies.

Email lists help nurture your customers and grow your business, whether you’re Coke-Cola or the Ma and Pa store down the street. Campaign management, analytics and reporting, and lead nurturing are all features to marketing automation that will tremendously benefit your business. You’ll be able to filter through your specific industry to find the right customers interested in your products and services.

If you’re working with limited tools and a small budget, marketing automation can fill a lot of reporting and analytic benefits like:

  • Tracking email performance
  • Assessing campaign effectiveness
  • Measure click-rates
  • Measure ROI
  • Monitor leads and subscribe rates

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Anyone can enjoy the perks and convenience of marketing automation, but make sure you also take the time to study your strategies and create intriguing campaigns. Email marketing can do a lot of things for your business, but there are still aspects to the software that need to be thoughtfully reviewed before you press “publish” on your ads.

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